Quick Fixes for a Plumbing Issue

Posted on: October 6, 2016 by in Plumbing tips
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Got a plumbing issue – what can you do?

tap runningIf you find yourself with a plumbing issue or emergency but find out it could be a while before the plumber gets to your house, there are some things that you can do to help minimize the damage.

For example, if you have a pipe that is leaking, the best thing you can do is shut the water off.

This means you will have no more water leaks and can have peace of mind until the plumber is able to take a look.

If you need to keep using the water, and it is a small leak, what you could do is turn the water off, run the water out of the pipe, try and seal it with electrical tape to see if that stops the leak, if it does you can then turn the water on until the plumber gets to your home. But keep an eye on it. If it’s a big leak, then it will be much harder to contain, and it really is best to turn the water off and wait until the plumber can get there.

Faucet noises can also be a problem that you find you can’t stand – what you will hear is a high-pitched sound coming from your tap when you turn the water on. If this is happening, it may be an indicator that you need to replace the washer. The washer is something that you may feel confident in placing, your other option is to up with the noise until the plumber gets there.

Before doing any type of plumbing repair you really need to make sure that you have the right tools and you do know what you’re doing. You could do some research on the Internet, for example, how to change a washer before trying to do it. Always make sure the waters off before you do anything. And if you are not confident, then don’t do it as you could create more problems and it will end up costing you more.

If you have a plumber coming out your house to resolve a plumbing problem then if you know that you have other washes that need replacing or you do have some taps leaking that you cannot seem to stop, then it’s worth talking to the plumber at the time of their visit, so you get everything done.

Some other preventative tips to avoid a plumbing issue:

• Make sure your sinks and showers have strainers to prevent clogs.
• You can soak your shower-head in vinegar to help break up any mineral deposits and clear it out.
• If you have a tap that’s leaking get it fixed right away because water damage can be an expensive problem

While there are some plumbing repairs that you may be able to fix on your own, for any plumbing issue you’re not sure of, or an emergency, give your plumber a call so that they can come around, tackle the problem and get it resolved asap.

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