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Posted on: July 11, 2016 by in Plumbing tips
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Let’s take a look at the plumbing systems in your homePlumbing systems

When it comes to maintenance around the house, plumbing is often an area that should be left to a professional. When you try and do it yourself, you can end up with more problems and it then ends up being more expensive than if you had called the plumber in to fix the original issue. Calling a plumber in means you have a professional with a working knowledge and skill set that the average home owner won’t have.

There are four different plumbing systems that most homes will have. Lets take a look at the difference and this will give you an idea as to which type of plumber to call should the need arise. You will find a lot of plumbers actually deal with all of these areas some plumbers may just focus on one or two. When you give the plumber a call simply ask if they work in this area.

The first system is basically your hot and cold water supply

It’s pretty obvious that this is the most basic and most common system in a house where the hot and cold water both flow through the homes pipes at the same time. The hot water will get heated via the hot water cylinder. As we all know this is the most common plumbing system in any home or commercial property. Hot water cylinder can be either electric or gas, and for most times it will be outside.

The next most common system in your residential or commercial property is sewage. Pipes are dedicated to both sewerage and dirty water. The system will also get rid of the air that gets trapped beneath the sewage water and if this part of the system does fail to function you may experience an unpleasant odour creeping inside the home. It’s important to keep this system maintained as it will prevent any nasty or smelly problems.

A septic tank system will be used if a home can’t be connected to a sewerage system. This will be the case for people in rural areas. Septic tanks may have things like a sand filter, pumps and alarms along with the septic tank itself. There are also areas for drainage. A septic tank should be cleaned and emptied regularly again to avoid any problems.

Third most used system is gas piping. Gas is used in a lot of homes and industries. You might have gas stove, gas hot water, or gas heating. It’s very important that these systems are properly maintained and checked on a regular basis.

If you need any one of these plumbing systems repaired if you having problems or if you suspect you may have a leak please don’t hesitate to call us to get more information or to get us to come out and take a look at what is happening. We offer free consultation so that you know what the issue is and what the cost will be before we start working on it.

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